Manufactured Home

Manufactured Home is a HUD home of one or more sections design mostly for manufactured communities, but is also permitted to be placed on a foundation outside a manufactured home community on private residential lots. The biggest advantage is it is the least expensive factory built product. However, appraising and financing the HCD manufactured on private land can be a challenge and in some cases you may receive a lower value and/or higher interest rate.

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Modular Home

Modular Home is a house built in one or more section on the same assembly line with higher specifications built to UBC and IBC code, which are equivalent to site-built construction codes and specifications. Most Modular Home units can be stacked and installed with a crane and built without a steel or removable frame. A plus it that a Modular Home will go through a traditional appraisal process and qualify for FHA or conventional financing which will offer better interest rates. However, modular homes tend to be more expensive to build than the HUD Manufactured Home and can add as much as 10% to 15% to the cost of construction.

Build A Modular Home


Custom Build

We offer complete custom builds beginning from the plans all the way through the finish work. We have 25 years of experience with new builds and everything that is involved in the process. We are unique in that we can offer all of these services at a reduced rate because we have less overhead. We are privately owned and operated, which means no franchise fees. That translates to savings for our customers.

Custom Built Home