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Innovative new homebuilding construction method
Thomas DaRosa opens Central Coast hybrid Homes in San Luis Obispo
TDR Properties and Central Coast hybrid Homes office is located at 1546 West Branch Street AG
A Hybrid Home is a “hybrid” between a factory-built core and conventional construction. After the Core is completed at a homebuilding facility, it is transported to the homesite. This Core is placed on the foundation and the rest of the home is built around it. The Core contains the complex parts of the home like the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. These rooms are completed with all appliances, counters, cabinets, tubs and showers in place, right down to the paint and trim on the walls and ceilings.
“I have been in construction and real estate over 25 years providing solutions for homebuyers, and this building process has certainly come at the right time” stated Thomas DaRosa, President of TDR Properties and Central Coast hybridCore Homes.
DaRosa is in the process of getting permits for his first hybrid Home and plans on staging an open house in the spring of 2012. “The real beauty is I will be able to build a high quality home in one-half the time than if I was to build it in the traditional manner. On top of that, my cost savings should be significant, allowing us to offer this home for a very competitive price and include more features than existing homes on the market”, stated DaRosa.
For more information contact Tom DaRosa at Central Coast hybridCore Homes,
phone (805) 710-0417. www.Newhybridhomes.com